About Us

Who are we?

We are a Preston based Family run company producing environmentally friendly wood Briquettes primarily for use on log burners and open fires. They can also be used as a summer fuel in Chimeneas and Fire Pits. You still have to have fun!

We are a fun, forward thinking, friendly bunch. We want to engage and educate people about the many benefits of burning briquettes so please feel welcome to come in and talk to us. If we can offer a green sustainable wood fuel at competitive prices with many advantages we believe this is the easiest fastest way to promote CO2 reduction. We make it Easy to do your bit!. We aim to work with and encourage local Environmental groups.

We seek to fill the gap between East European produced briquettes normally dark long and sometimes with a hole through the middle and tiny UK producers making small briquettes as a sideline. We aim to bring a superb consistent quality product with great packaging on a local basis, it’s called localisation and is very sustainable.

We are also working on producing briquettes from waste paper, agricultural crops and supplying power stations in the UK.

Waste reduction is also another important area where we can help the county reduce its landfill by producing Briquettes from less consumer friendly products either to burn at power stations or take less room in landfill.

We are interested in developing relationships with farmers to grow and briquette sustainable crops such as Miscanthus grass a high energy fast growing sustainable fuel.

We will also bring you innovative products for your log burners. We are working on a warm air distribution system that sucks hot air from the register plate and blows it around the home, heating up to 5 rooms!


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