Why choose Easy-Logs over traditional wood logs


Easy-Logs are better value for money. 

You need four tonnes of air dried logs to equal 1 tonne of Easy-Logs briquettes. A M3 of Kiln dried logs
weighs approx 250Kg. 1 Tonne of quality kiln dried logs will
cost nearly £400.00 Easy-Logs £299.00.


Easy-Logs keep you warmer.

Briquettes generate more heat (4.9KW/h per Kg) compared to the output of Seasoned Wood (3KW/h per Kg). You won't need as much fuel or air to maintain a high temprature.


Easy-Logs light quicker & burn longer.

Easy-Logs will have your log burner up to temperature (350oF) in 10 minutes, with the same burn time as traditional kiln dried logs.

photograph of a pile of Easy-Logs

Easy-Logs burn better. 

Traditional air dried logs contain 30-45% moisture. Easy-Logs briquettes have only 8%.  An efficient burn results in less pollutants. They will burn far hotter than logs. Fact.


Easy Logs are carbon neutral.

Easy-Logs briquettes are recycled, manufactured from 100% reclaimed wood waste from local joinery shops & sawmills and of course our very own pallet yard.


Easy-Logs briquettes are manufactured.

Manufacturing allows us to measure the quality and consistency of every log, ensuring low moisture content and high heat output.

For the more inquisitive or technical

Nordic countries have been burning wood briquettes for over 35 years. Despite extremely cold winters and wood being their main export, they manufacture and produce tons of briquettes every year.

Logs are generally purchased by the truck load or by cubic metre, They are tipped into a 1M x 1M x 1M metal cage. Because of variations in size and shape, the logs create large gaps. What you get is around 0.6-0.7 M3 and weighs 250Kg.  Easy-Logs Briquettes are manufactured and sold by weight maximising space and saving money.

A premium traditional kiln dried log will have 20-25% moisture content. Easy-Logs Briquettes have only 8% moisture content guaranteed. When poorly seasoned logs are burned, energy is lost heating moisture which causes them to spit and crackle. This moisture and unburnt fuel is converted into smoke and deposited into the atmosphere, damaging the environment.


Do you really want to come home at 6.00 o’clock and take 1 hour plus to get you log burner up to temperature after hauling in dirty wet logs? (Not forgetting to kill the creepy crawlies running across your living room.) Or do you want to open a bag of Easy-Logs that you carried in with your glass of wine, and have your log burner up to temperature in under 10 minutes. 


Job done, family warm, all in 10 minutes!

Demonstration of how we get our log burner up to 300°F in under 10 minutes flat!

  • Cover the stove with Easy-Log Briquettes and Light.
  • Open up main & secondary air vents.
  • Close main air vent and keep secondary fully open.
  • Shut down the secondary vent at 350°F.